You're The Fix-It

I have something to offer Hackerspace— and I’m sure there’s a hack in here. Today I got a call from a Christian friend who had read something about making a gratitude list of ten things each day for the coming year.

She was in a good mood today, I could tell. And that’s good—- and more power to her, may her joy not…


a bitchy rhyme

I became angry and ruined my world
and I’d only just got out of bed

all because some online prick was all wrong
and another ignored what I said

can’t control either, can’t get a hold
there’s no validation this day

my carpal’s in pain and there’s snow on the ground
the kind that’s decided to stay

impale all the baiters and…

Google Photos etc

Hey everyone. I wanted to say how I once complained about not having an immediate way to get my photos uploaded upon taking them. Well leave it to Google to put the solution under my nose, whilst everyone else already knew about it. haha.

It’s slow tho. Uploads are always slow. But I think it’s better than plugging the…

Smooth Playback - Cassette

I like this vid, because it shows what a cassette could sound like if it was in good shape, and the player was of good quality.

ABBA tried to sound gritty and failed, but the audio itself is astounding; I’ve heard cassettes and player/recorders at their worst, many of which were mine. I just think this case is…

Goodbye To Write Stuff

First, I just want to say thanks to people who came by to comment on the material I posted to Write Stuff, including folks who were nice enough to give my writing the "recommends" it got.

^^ That's the good part of it all. That's what I'll try to keep in mind, that Write Stuff wasn't a *total* waste of my time.




I have battery issues. I know the way out, but I don't want to take it.

Don't let that 100 fool you. I just did a recharge, and it's dripping. I can hear it. : )

Then again, I may be a pup. How hard do *you* geeks push it, re. widgets?

turkey dance

I have an idea for a youtube video for Thanksgiving. I don't know how to make it tho. Maybe someone else can, or has.

It goes like this. A guy is about to carve a turkey. He's got a sharp knife in his hand and he's circling around the turkey, getting closer, as he does a slow swaying dance. In the background, is "Stuck…