First, I just want to say thanks to people who came by to comment on the material I posted to Write Stuff, including folks who were nice enough to give my writing the "recommends" it got.

^^ That's the good part of it all. That's what I'll try to keep in mind, that Write Stuff wasn't a *total* waste of my time.

Beyond that, I'm just mad and disgusted at what started out with such enthusiasm and ended with indifference, few submissions, little feedback, and general apathy, over what I think was a good idea, but isn't anymore.

Further, I'm not interested in doing Gawker/Kinja more favors by submitting anymore of my work at no charge. That includes my submissions to Hackerspace, yet another land of near indifference.

Also, Kinja is poised to impose yet another layout change, as usual, whether we like it or not. I don't want my writing to somehow get mucked up by a commenting system that tends to remake itself to our detriment each time around.

I think what I'd hoped for was a real discussion forum, attracting people from all the Gawker sites, including the editors, most of whom, alas, would sooner post articles and comments on fecal matter and junk maintenance. <- Thanks for nothing you guys.

I'd better stop before I think of other things that I hate about my experiences with Lifehacker and Gawker in general.

If anyone can suggest some other forum to present writing and get feedback, including places to submit and maybe get published AND PAID, that would be nice to see.

Thanks for the fun at Write Stuff, while it lasted.

—Gord B. (aka Moon)