Hey everyone. I wanted to say how I once complained about not having an immediate way to get my photos uploaded upon taking them. Well leave it to Google to put the solution under my nose, whilst everyone else already knew about it. haha.

It’s slow tho. Uploads are always slow. But I think it’s better than plugging the phone into the computer, copying files, then going to Photos and uploading.

That’s too many damn steps. It’s a damn drag, is what it is. So I dropped it.

Anyway sometimes my attitude is funny to me. I used to get mad at people for all the substitute names they had for the internet. Like the superhighway, or web 2.0, shit like that.

But now here I was waiting for pics to upload to Google, and I’m going to myself “come on!, hurry up and cloud this stuff”.

I have succumbed. I am depressed also. It’s too easy and straightforward. Now I have to find another problem.