I’ve been trying a paired-down mp3 player app for audio books on a Nexus 7 tablet. Link at the bottom.

There are probably tons of other minimal players to choose from but this seems good enough for the purpose.

I can get the tablet to play books for about a day and 6hrs on a charge, a day and 18 hrs if “battery saver” is on. Mileage will vary of course, but I can’t speak highly enough of a sawed-off audio player on a tablet that is in semi-retired mode.

I wouldn’t bother using such an app for tunes, though there’s nothing to stop a person. Just that the app (and apps like it) have just about nothing for extra features <— that’s the positive, as well as the downside ... it doesn’t eat much battery, but it doesn’t do much beyond the basics either.

Hope someone likes.